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Financially supporting the work of your local church is an important aspect of faithfully following Jesus. In fact, God’s word directs his people to center their giving around their local church. This means that your local church should receive the majority and the priority of our financial gifts. 

Why We Give

When considering our financial gifts, we should remember that God cares far more about the state of our hearts than the amount of our gifts. Our regular giving should be motivated by an appreciation for the teaching we receive (Galatians 6:6), by the opportunity to partner with others for the sake of the Great Commission, and, most especially, by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ toward sinners like us (2 Corinthians 8:9).

How We Give

Supporting Castleview can be done by giving stock, mailing checks to our office, or you can give online by clicking the button below.

Contributing to Castleview can carry certain costs. Please use the information provided below as you consider wisely how to give to the church.

  • Giving online is preferred; by linking your bank account through ACH (at the link below) you can contribute to the work of Castleview Church in a safe and convenient way.

  • Credit and Debit card gifts are reduced by a percentage plus transaction fee, and are less preferred than ACH.

  • Givers have the option to cover processing fees through the process at the link below:​

Want to learn about financial stewardship and how it relates to your walk with Christ?

Explore trusted articles and resources from Investing in Truth.

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