Resources for Meeting with God

For those who aren't able to gather with the church, we want to help equip you for meeting with God at home, whether alone or as a family. If you need to miss our gatherings for more than a week or two, please be sure to let an elder know so that we can pray for you.

Things to Pray

Rejoice. Reflecting on passage of Scripture, praise God for who he is. Take time to tell God how good he is. Thank him for specific things he has done for you, especially the spiritual blessings you have in Christ Jesus.

Repent. Speak to God truthfully about your recent struggles and sins, asking for his forgiveness. Rely on the work of Jesus to atone for your sins, and commit to changing, with God's help.

Request. God tells us to cast all our cares upon him because cares for us. Pray for his grace to be at work among you, your family, your neighbors, our government, our church, etc. Consider using the membership directory to pray for other members by name.

Things to Sing

Here are links to songs and lyrics for many songs we sing at Castleview.

Playlist one

Playlist two

Things to Listen to

You can find past Castleview sermons here. Technology permitting, recordings are released on Sunday afternoons. If you can't gather for an extended time but want to keep the weekly Sunday rhythm, you might consider watching the previous week's sermon on Sunday morning, or the current week's sermon in place of the evening prayer service.

Why no livestream?

If you're interested in hearing why we are not livestreaming our gatherings, here's a conversation with two of our pastors on that topic.