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Resources from Kelly (pt. 4)

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Castleview Family, 

It is the start of week four of our current normal. We should continue praying that God restrains the global pandemic, that He heals those who are sick, and that He protects those who have not gotten it. We should continue praying that God strengthens us to endure, that He emboldens us in our evangelism of our neighbors, and that He sustains us as we serve our family, friends, and fellow church family. May God do these things and more. 

As we endure this global crisis, here are a collection of more resources. I pray they serve to encourage and equip you. 

(1) “Union with Christ” from Valley of Vision. Yesterday I mentioned this prayer and the line, “…and may I prize the gain of a little holiness as overbalancing all my losses.” You may enjoy reading the entire prayer and meditating on the example of humility and trust found by its author. 

(2) “The Death of a Dream,” a liturgy from Every Moment Holy. This prayer is read by Curtis Solomon of the Biblical Counseling Coalition. It begins at 1:30 of the video. It is a clear example of what humility sounds like in the life of someone who strives to trust God though their expectations and dreams have not gone as they wanted. 

(3) "Don’t Lose Heart" by Jason Meyer. This is the free resource for April on Every month this site offers a free audio book. If you are not already benefiting from that offer, then let this month be the start of that. Especially in light of the timeliness of the theme of this resource to remain hopeful even in discouraging times. 

(4) “Sustained in Suffering by the Saga of Job” by CJ Mahaney. One of my favorite messages I have heard on the theme of suffering. If you are the sufferer in need of encouragement, this will provide some. If you are walking with those suffering and want to know how to love them wisely, this will help you. 

(5) Here is a stash of resources put together by CCEF (Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation) in light of the global pandemic. Here is another stash of resources put together by Fieldstone Counseling. These resources range from anxiety, parenting, loneliness, illness, and much more. I would be curious for you to send me an email and let me know of which resources on this page you read and how you found it helpful. 

To living another week for God’s glory durning an abnormal season. May it not be wasted. And instead may we be able to look back on this time and find many reasons to give thanks for what God accomplished in our lives and the lives of those we love around us. 

Regards,  Kelly Wright 

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