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Resources from Pastor Kelly (pt. 5)

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Church Family,

Here is the next edition of resources for your week of reading and listening.

(1) An interview of John Piper on the Coronavirus and Christ. I referenced this interview yesterday morning. It was here I was helped by hearing John discuss the bitter providence we are currently experiencing but also the sweet sovereignty we are called to trust in.

It is an interview based off of his recent book, Coronavirus and Christ. Crossway is offering this resource free as an audiobook or ebook. In it John discusses possible reasons why this season may be happening, using Scripture to inform those options. And he also takes time to consider how God may prove to use this season for good. I found John’s thoughts about how this season could be good helpful, as it informed ways I could be praying and asking God to do good in this season.

(2) Sorting Through Our COVID Anxieties” by Brad Hambrick. I found this to be a thoughtful guide to thinking wisely about our own worries and concerns and considering how to address them biblically.

(3) A sermon on Psalm 88 by Ligon Duncan. I pray that Ligon’s explanation and application of one of the darkest psalms proves comforting and encouraging to you if you are suffering. I pray it would equip you if you are someone who is walking with someone who is suffering.

(4) In addition to the collection of resources I sent last week from CCEF and Fieldstone Counseling here is another collection put together by ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors). It includes resources to read, listen to, or watch. The topics range from anxiety, depression, suicide, conflict, and loss. Any of these collections are a good place to go if you find yourself with a desire to meditate on nourishing truth for yourself and/or to pass along to someone you know could benefit from it.

(5) Another resource that could be of interest to you is Walk Thru the Bible. It is a creative way to learn important events and people in the Bible. It could prove a beneficial way to take your mind off of the current crisis and to refresh your memory about the story line of the Bible.

May God continue to sustain us as we seek to endure patiently and joyfully. And may God answer our prayers for opportunities to evangelize our neighbors. And may our hope in Christ be evident to those around us so that they would be compelled to ask “for a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15).


Kelly Wright

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