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Resources from Kelly (pt. 1)

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The recent events in our world have likely stirred many thoughts, questions, and emotions. It may help to take time to watch, read, and study helpful resources to help orient you towards our Father in heaven. 

There have been a variety of helpful resources being made available in light of this season we are in. I wanted to make you aware of a few of them that I have been helped by. I'm pray you would be helped by these as well. 

1) Ed Welch speaking on “Biblical Comfort for the Panic-Stricken Lies of Fear and Worry.” This is a session from a conference Welch spoke at in 2017. It will serve to both comfort you and equip you in comforting those around you. 

2) David Powlison’s journal article on “What Good is ‘Don’t Worry’ in Times Like These?” written in 2009, though still timely in his exposition of Luke 12. 

3) Westminster Bookstore has gathered 15 chapters from 15 resources in light of our “Days of Anxious Headlines” that can be downloaded for free. These chapters come from authors such as Paul David Tripp, David Powlison, Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, Tim Keller, and Mark Vroegop. 

May these serve as an encouragement to you. 


Kelly Wright 

Associate Pastor | Castleview Church

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