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FAQs About Regathering

Castleview plans to begin gathering again on Sunday, May 31 at 10:00 a.m. (note new time)

Q: Why are we meeting outside?

A: To our understanding, this is the safest option to gather and sing together, and it aligns with the spirit and purpose of public health guidelines.

Also, when it comes to assembling, we prioritize whole-church gatherings. We’re glad to fellowship with smaller groups, but there is a unique biblical category for “when you come together as a church” (1 Cor 11:18; see also 1 Cor 14:28; Col 4:16; etc.)

Q: What if the bad weather is forecasted?

A: If necessary, we will notify you of cancellations via text. Cancellations will also be posted on our website no later than 8:00 a.m. that morning. If and when we cancel, we will plan to send email tools to help you worship at home.

Q: Where will the service be held?

A: We will gather on the field on the southeast side of the property, near the 86th St. entrance (near the children’s wing). If the grass is wet, we will gather on the parking lot just next to it.

Q: How long will the service be?

A: We plan for the service to be 1 hour long.

Q: Will we sing?

A: Yes, we plan to sing together at a safe social distance. Check the website for our virtual bulletin with song lyrics and order of service.

Q: Can I get a hug?

A: Not yet! Our gatherings will be non-contact. All attendees must maintain 6 feet or more of social distance at all times.

Digital bulletins and song lyrics will be provided in advance.

Q: What about masks?

A: In accordance with public health guidelines, masks are recommended. Out of an abundance of love and care for the most vulnerable, please be sure to have all individuals over 2 years of age wearing masks before the service and after the service as people will be passing by and potentially facing one another at those times.

Q: What should I think about bringing?

A: Seating (blanket, lawn chair, exercise mat, etc.)

Shade (Feel free to bring a hat, umbrella or other forms of shade)

Stroller (if you’d like to provide contained seating for small children)

Sunscreen (if you’re prone to sunburn)

Weather-appropriate clothing (check the forecast before you come!)

Water (if you expect needing it)

Snacks (for children)

Q: What should I not bring?

A: Please do not bring pets or any items that would encourage shared contact with other households (frisbees, footballs, etc.)

Q: What about children?

A: Children of all ages are welcome! We will not offer nursery or children’s ministry. Children will be required to remain with their parents at all times.

Though our worship is reverent, the service will have a more informal feel. Feel free to bring what you need to make this a more comfortable experience for your family. You are welcome to bring your own snacks, toys, books, strollers, etc.

Q: Will the church building be open?

A: The church building will be closed.

Q: Will restrooms be available?

A: We encourage all attendees to plan to not use the restroom during the service. One restroom will be available the southeast end of the Family Life Center which may be used by one person or household at a time.

Q: Will the outdoor playground be open?

A: The outdoor playground will remain closed in accordance with public health guidelines.

Q: Who should not attend?

A: No one with symptoms consistent with COVID–19 should attend. Symptoms include:

· Cough

· Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

· Fever

· Chills

· Muscle pain

· Sore throat

· New loss of taste or smell

Absent of symptoms, everyone should determine whether to attend based on what's prudent for them and their family. Public health guidelines recommend that those 65 and over and those with high-risk health conditions remain home whenever possible.

Q: What if I’m not yet ready to resume gathering in large groups?

A: We want people to make the decision that they deem wisest. One helpful parallel is when we have inclement weather on a Sunday morning. Individuals must use their best judgment about their safety in coming to church; those who are at risk should stay home.

While we recognize that there is no substitute for the physical gathering, those who stay home should know that we will continue to look for ways to connect with and support them. Anyone is welcome to watch a recording of our outdoor service which will be posted on our website by 1:00 p.m.

Please email us at or call the church office for more details.

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