About Sunday Mornings

Thanks for your patience with another long email! Here are some updates on our plans for Sundays:

What will Sunday mornings look like during this time?

We plan to do something similar to last Sunday: members staying home, and a few elders on camera, reading Scripture, leading in prayer, expounding on God’s Word, and turning it back over to members to continue private worship in their homes.

Why not stream a more typical Sunday morning service?

We want to be clear that this is not “church.” The New Testament word for “church” is the word for “assembly.” Though we’re grateful for modern technology, we still cannot “assemble” when we are apart.

That’s why we’re intentionally not trying to re-create all the elements or the feel of a gathering. (I know some churches are doing this, and we recognize freedom in Christ to do what seems wise to them during these unique times.)

In our screen-dominant culture, there is a danger of turning church into a product I consume rather than a gathering in which I participate. I recognize that most members are not on the platform when we gather on a Sunday morning. But everyone participates as we sing, pray, read Scripture, and sit under the preached Word together.

The longer we are apart, the more we should thirst to gather together. Frankly, I hope our livestreams don’t quench that thirst too much! I hope we’re not left saying, “That wasn’t so bad––I kind of like on-line church from home,” but instead, “I’m thankful for that, but it only strengthens my desire to be back together as a church.”

Then why do a livestream at all?

While we’re not trying to create a substitute for the gathering, our hearts’ desire, now more than ever, is to encourage you and equip you to grow in Christ and live faithfully for him. In light of this, it seems wise to use the technology we have to stream content on a Sunday at our regular meeting time. We pray these times encourage and equip you.

I plan to pause our Acts sermon series until we’re able to gather again. For the livestreams, I will expound on a passage from the previous week in the Bible reading plan. For this Sunday, we’ll look at Luke 4:1–13.

What should I do to get the most out of Sunday mornings?

Our livestreams are not intended for you to tune in and then be done. They are aimed at equipping you for richer private worship in the absence of public worship. Consider the livestream the first half of your Sunday morning worship, with the second half to be completed at home.

To help you, Gus Pritchard will be preparing guides to focus your prayers and song suggestions for singing at home. Fran Simmons, our new Family Ministry Administrator, will also be preparing children’s bulletins to help parents engage their children. (See below)

How can I continue to give to the ministry?

Providence has removed our most important weekly event – the regular Sunday gathering – but our gospel work goes on. The pastoral staff will continue to provide oversight and care; some of our members will experience a loss of income; and the work of missions is still a priority.

By God’s grace, this church membership has regularly displayed generosity and self-sacrifice in their financial support of this work. Let’s make sure we continue to do that, especially as many of us will face various spiritual and financial challenges in these times.

Here are two ways you can continue to support our church:

If you're new to giving online, take a moment to explore their help center or contact our church office. While we do expect benevolence needs to arise during this time – our benevolence fund is still very high. Therefore, until that fund runs low, we request that you direct your giving to the general fund.

Thankful for you,


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