CContihris was raised in a non-Christian home here in Indiana, but God spoke to her throughout her childhood and she submitted her life to Him at the age of 16. Her real spiritual growth began when she went off to college, where she was an active member of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. With her degree from Indiana State University in hand she taught Journalism and Spanish at New Palestine high school for ten years. During that time she volunteered with Youth For Christ, taking a number of groups to Mexico to build houses. Feeling called to full time ministry she applied to SIM and moved to Peru in 2003. She enjoys photography, baking and traveling.


Agency: SIM

Country served: Peru

Serving since: 2003

Chris is active in three aspects of ministry in Peru. First is her ESL work. Speaking English is highly valued in Peru so classes are used to expose people to the Gospel and anybody interested in growing in their faith is welcomed into a discipling relationship. The second area of her work is in Spanish communications for SIM International, mostly producing an electronic missions magazine for Latin American pastors, churches and those interested in missions. Chris’ media team in Peru produced a training manual in Spanish to train new missionaries- everything from cultural adjustment and dealing with loneliness to more practical matters like money. This manual, called VAMOS! (Spanish for “let’s go”), has drawn much more attention and is getting much wider distribution than Chris ever imagined. Now in English too, it is in the process of being translated into Korean, Chinese, German, French and Portuguese. It is being offered free to churches and missions agencies that want to prepare missionaries for successful service on the field. The third area of focus Chris has is walking along Peruvian missionary candidates and their churches. She has helped send Peruvians to India, China and South Africa.