Discipleship is a life-long process that’s firmly grounded in God’s Word. In our Sunday Morning Bible Classes, our goal is to equip Christians at every stage of maturity with biblical and theological understanding that they can apply to life.

Adult Bible Classes operate in an elective track system. Each track is designed to cover topics within a major theme of Christian education. By working through each track, you will gain a breadth and depth of biblical knowledge, as well as wisdom for faithful Christian living.


Adult Bible Classes – 9 A.M. Sunday Mornings

August 5 – October 28

A Study of Ruth & Esther

Of Ruth, one author said, “The loveliest complete work, on a small scale.” Another author wrote, “What Venus is to statuary, and Mona Lisa is to paintings, Ruth is to literature.” Come see what all the fuss is about and see how God uses a widow, a Moabite woman, and a redeemer to show His providence and to sustain His promise made in Genesis.

In Esther, again, God’s providence is on full display. This time using a psychopathic king, a vindictive Amalekite, and a beautiful woman caught in between to save His people. This class will be taught by Jim Green.


Missions exists to increase the worship of God through the praise of His glory in the hearts of His people. In this class we will consider and seek to understand the Biblical message that the central motive for world evangelism in missions is God’s passion for His own glory. During this class we will discuss the role of the local church in missions, Castleview’s vision for missions, and hear directly from some of our supported missionaries. This class will be taught by Chris Bewley and Andrew Jones.