Discipleship is a life-long process that’s firmly grounded in God’s Word. In our Sunday Morning Bible Classes, our goal is to equip Christians at every stage of maturity with biblical and theological understanding that they can apply to life.

Adult Bible Classes operate in an elective track system. Each track is designed to cover topics within a major theme of Christian education. By working through each track, you will gain a breadth and depth of biblical knowledge, as well as wisdom for faithful Christian living.


Adult Bible Classes – 9 A.M. Sunday Mornings

Combined Adult Bible Classes on the Reformation

Nov 5 – The Road to Wittenburg: Build-up to the Reformation

Nov 12 – Sola Fide: Reformation Lessons on How to Become Right with God

Nov 19 – Gospel Rediscovered: The Life of Martin Luther

Nov 26 – Lord of All, Servant of All: Martin Luther on the Freedom of a Christian

Dec 3 – Knowing God and Self: The Life of John Calvin

Dec 10 – Just How Bad are We? Calvin vs. Rome on Human Depravity

Dec 17 – 500 Years Later: Does the Reformation Still Matter?