Discipleship is a life-long process that’s firmly grounded in God’s Word. In our Sunday Morning Bible Classes, our goal is to equip Christians at every stage of maturity with biblical and theological understanding that they can apply to life.

Adult Bible Classes operate in an elective track system. Each track is designed to cover topics within a major theme of Christian education. By working through each track, you will gain a breadth and depth of biblical knowledge, as well as wisdom for faithful Christian living.


Adult Bible Classes – 9 A.M. Sunday Mornings

January 7 – March 25

Bible Study in 1 John

What if you could receive a message from God – a letter – in which He shared with you how you can not only be certain that Jesus Christ is who He says He is, but also that you have eternal life in Him? The good news is that this message exists! It’s the book of First John in the New Testament, and God tells us in it that He wrote it for us so that our joy would be made complete. Come join us as we peer together with God’s help into this delightful book. This class is taught by Jordan Granger and Joe Parker.

New City Catechism

Making use of historic Christian catechisms (Geneva Catechism, Westminster Shorter & Larger Catechism, and especially the Heidelberg Catechism) this class will explore the 52 most important questions of Christian doctrine. Answering these questions won’t be a mere conceptual exercise, though. As we study this catechism, we will learn how to think about our Christian faith, and live in light of what Scripture teaches us. Join us, as we consider Part 1 of the New City Catechism: God, Creation and Fall, Law. This class is taught by Kelly Wright.