When we read the New Testament, we see that Christianity includes a commitment to a local church. At Castleview, that commitment is expressed through membership.

There are five steps to become a member of Castleview.

  1. A membership class is offered several times throughout the year and is led by our elders. It involves four one-hour sessions, or two two-hour evening sessions, to share with you Castleview’s doctrine and answer your questions. Click here to ask when our next membership class will be offered.
  2. After completing the class, those interested in membership fill out an application. This form helps you share details about your baptism, church involvement, personal testimony, and basic beliefs.
  3. When a prospective member turns in a membership application, a private meeting with an elder will be scheduled. In this meeting, the elder asks the applicant to summarize the gospel and to share how he or she came to understand and believe the gospel. The elder also explains Castleview’s expectations of members and answers any questions.
  4. The elder who met with the individual then shares the applicant’s testimony with the rest of the elders.
  5. Upon elder approval, the individual is recommended for membership at a members’ meeting. When the congregation votes to receive the applicant, they are immediately admitted into covenant membership.


Covenant of Membership

By the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we covenant: